Moofin 咖啡面包房
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    法居团队为Moofin Bakery & Coffee空间赋予了静谧、独立、纯粹的特质, 多感官、多层次为大家创造出时尚空间新体验。




    Moofin, a bakery from France, was created by a French designer Romain. It is located in Henderson Cifi Tiandi designed by the world's top French architect Jean Nouvel. It is the first light and shadow architectural work in China. Once the project is launched, it has become “An Instagram-Worthy Location”.

    The warm log color sets off the rich sweetness, and the aroma shuttles between the green plants. Wu Lingxiao, the design partner of Yiju, said that "the aroma of bread exists not only in the alley, but also in the sunglow."

    In the face of a small bakery with an area of more than 100 square meters, the designer Romain believes that "the most profound taste in the memory of the French is the warm aroma from the bakery on the corner." now, the taste from their childhood has been completely brought to Shanghai, China by moffin. It continues in this magical city and has become an indispensable taste in the lives of more and more people.
    Unique signs are attached inside and outside the space, which greatly improves the recognition of the brand, and the simple and clear expression conveys the purest brand concept.

    To some extent, design is another expression of taste. It shows the invisible taste in a new visual way. At this time, the design is like a special art form, which injects emotion into the whole space. Under the dual stimulation of vision and taste buds, the communication between people and the environment becomes particularly vivid and interesting.

    The faju team has endowed the moofin Bakery & Coffee space with quiet, independent and pure characteristics,   Multi sensory and multi-level create a new experience of fashion space for everyone.
    The designer uses leather with wood to highlight the warm texture of the space while pursuing simplicity. The cement front desk precipitates the tone of the whole space, and the integration of metal materials makes the whole space light and powerful.The diffuse reflection formed by light shining on the original wooden surface is integrated with the metal moving line to bring an introverted and hidden artistic atmosphere to the whole space. The vivid light transformation of layers meets with the natural light, which gives a transparent and full of aura immersion feeling.
    In moofin's space design, the designer uses the flexible layout of each area to change the relaxed functional experience in the space, the flow line of employees and customers is clear, and a relaxed and efficient way of working and socializing is realized.




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